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Making Heads or Tails of Pet Insurance

How New Pet Owners Can Determine if Pet Insurance is Right For Them
By Brian Iannessa.

    BREA, Calif. (March 26, 2003) - Whether adopting a new puppy or an older cat, raising a pet in the new millennium requires more than a little care and love. It also means having the financial resources for unexpected medical emergencies. This is why more pet owners are looking to see if pet insurance is right for them.

    Statistics from the American Veterinary Medical Association show that U.S. consumers spent almost 38 percent more on their pets in 2001 compared to 1996, and the greatest percentage of those costs fell under veterinary care.

    "As pets have become more integral members of our families, owners are willing to go to any length to provide the best for them," says Jack Stephens, DVM, founder and CEO of Veterinary Pet Insurance. "As veterinary care rises in cost and sophistication, more pet owners will need to turn to third-party payment support options such as pet insurance to take advantage of these advances in care."

    According to Dr. Stephens, pet owners who are unsure of whether pet insurance is right for them should first consider the type of relationship they have with their pet.

    "More people today love their pets like children but don't always have the funds readily available to support the cost of many veterinary treatments," Dr. Stephens says. "People who are devoted to their pets always want to be financially prepared when an emergency or illness occurs - they make the best candidates for insurance."

    Families with young pets should not be fooled by the seeming invincibility of youth. Puppies and kittens are more prone to accidents and require frequent check-ups. Providing insurance early in a pet's life can start them on the right path to long-term health as they have more access to top-of-the-line preventive services.

    In addition, all pet owners concerned about budgeting for both the routine and unexpected medical needs of their pets should look into purchasing pet insurance. With policies as low as $7-10 per month, monthly premium payments prove more predictable than costly accidents and emergencies. The VPI Standard plan pays out a maximum of $9,000 annually; the VPI Superior plan pays out a maximum of $14,000 a year. Both packages cover more than 6,400 conditions and care ranging from prescriptions and office visits to surgeries and hospitalization.

    "Regardless of which plan a pet owner chooses and regardless of a pet's age and condition, they should be prepared to face a medical emergency or illness sometime down the road," Dr. Stephens says. "Our goal is to make it possible for pets to receive more frequent and thorough care without having to deny any animal treatment for economic reasons."

About Veterinary Pet Insurance
      Veterinary Pet Insurance is the nation's oldest and largest health insurance provider for pets. Selling policies since 1982, the company is committed to making the miracles of veterinary medicine affordable for all pet owners. VPI Pet Insurance plans cover dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for thousands of medical problems and conditions relating to accidents, illnesses and injuries. Optional Vaccination & Routine Care Coverage is also available.

      VPI Pet Insurance is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Policies are underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company in California and in all other states by Madison, Wisconsin-based National Casualty Company, an A+XV A.M. Best rated company and a subsidiary of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. For more information about VPI Pet Insurance policies, call 800-USA-PETS (800-872-7387) or visit Underwritten by: Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.


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